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Nursery location

Nursery has a great location and it is easily accessible from different parts of Brno city and its surroundings. You can find us at the ground floor of a residential building on the Antonína Slavíka street. It is a very quiet place, ideal for its purpose.

There is a large fenced garden with the total area of 550 m2 where children have sandpit, slides, swings, swimming pool and other play equipment. Nursery is adjusted in order to prevent possible accidents and injuries. In the nursery, we have a day-room, sleeping room, dressing room, toilet, and storage space for clothes, toys and other working material for children.

All equipment in the nursery is safe and certified for the aged group of children that will stay with us. We keep high standards of hygiene. Nursery is cleaned, disinfected and ventilated regularly. We place emphasis on ecological waste management and keeping nursery tidy.