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Nursery offers babysitting services for children as young as 6 months. Children aged two and a half or older are looked after by the nearby kindergarten.

How the nursery works

Private nurseries operate on the same principle as state nurseries or state kindergartens. There are currently about 30 nurseries in Czech Republic attended by approximately one per cent of all children aged three or younger. Thankfully, the era under former political regime when nurseries largely fulfilled the role of mass ‘children refuge’, is now long gone. Nowadays, parents largely make use of existing private nurseries.

We strive to provide all children with personalized individual care, while helping them develop new skills and abilities. There are a maximum four children for every one nursery assistant. The maximum overall number of children in any one nursery is 8. We place great emphasis on the selection of highly qualified personnel consisting of not only university-educated nurse assistants but also medical staff. Therefore, you do not need to worry for a split second about entrusting your beloved child to our care. Our nursery complies with all the legal requirements as well as hygiene regulations prescribed by Czech legislation for each nursery.

Our main objective in nursery

Our main objective in nursery is to satisfy all basic needs of children entrusted to our care and provide them with high-quality entertaining time schedule based on personal preferences of each child. The element of game is the main and an essential part of all our activities taking place in a safe, friendly and creative environment under the supervision of our highly qualified staff. The happiness and development of children are the guiding principles of our efforts. Accepting a child to our nursery automatically entails accepting his family too. Parents are the first and foremost ‘teachers’ of their children and we greatly value communication with them.

Benefits of nursery

  • Our nursery, situated nearby Brno city centre, is easily accessible by any means of transport and provides its own parking
  • Our nursery offers specialized services customized to the needs of our clients and their children
  • We offer great flexibility regarding the time of the day when you decide to place your child to a nursery
  • The building houses both nursery and kindergarten enabling your child to acclimatize
  • We can guarantee not only individual childcare but also diverse and varied programme for children, aimed at developing their cognitive, physical and musical skills, as well work capacity and hygienic habits
  • Regular daily schedule in nursery