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About us

Nursery and Kindergarten management

The Beranek agency was founded by Gabriela Berankova.

I have been active in the field of childcare since 2006 when I co-founded an agency providing babysitting and tutorial services for children in Brno and the surrounding area. In 2010, we decided to extend our services to private nursery and private kindergarten in Brno.

I graduated from medical high school and I received a formal training as a nurse. After many years of working as a nurse in a hospital, I went to Great Britain, where I initially worked as an au pair and later as a nanny. Being a mother of three children I gained substantial first-hand experience in the field of childcare and as such see myself fully qualified to provide your children with a lot more than just a mere babysitting.

I genuinely love children and nothing makes me happier than seeing our children’s parents satisfied with our services.

In Nursery your children will be looked after by the following members of our staff

Mrs. Pavla Tesarova, MA, graduated from medical high school where she received a qualification of a nurse. Later she studied Ethopaedia at the Faculty of Education in Brno. During her academic studies, work with children had become much more than a way of obtaining experience for her subsequent professional career but also a big passion. She attained invaluable practical experience while working in a Children’s home, Diagnostic Institute as well as working as a social worker. However, it is the work with small children that she finds most satisfying. She loves working with children and teaching them new things. Hard as the work itself may be, she knows her work bears desired fruits.

The most rewarding experience for her is seeing children’s eyes sparkle with joy. She views her work as a calling rather than a mere profession.

Ruzena Pazourkova graduated from medical high school in Prague and she has 40 years’ experience of working as a nurse in the Children’s Ward at Motol hospital. She is a mother of two children and she regularly looks after her four grandchildren aged from two to ten.

Her wide experience will come to good use when looking after both small as well as older children. She is very conscientious in her work and likes to approach each child individually.

As far as she is concerned, nursery cannot provide a fully adequate substitute to parental care. Yet, she tries to complement parental care and help children develop their skills in various activities.

In Kindergarten your children will be looked after by the following members of our staff:

Mrs. Martina Safrankova, MA. Having graduated from university, Mrs. Safrankova pursued her career as a Math teacher and worked as an instructor in a sporting organisation Sokol. She is a proud mother of two charming boys. Beside her work at school, she is an instructor of an evening class for parents and their children from the age of 2 to 5. What is more, during her summer holiday she regularly works as a camp Counsellor at children’s summer camp. She views childcare as a big challenge and approaches her work accordingly.

She tries to approach each child individually and be a friendly guide of children in their quest for discovering and learning new things

Mrs. Jana Dekanova, BA, studied Social Pedagogy at Masaryk University, although her original field of studies was initially economy-oriented. Childcare has become not only her profession but also her hobby. She specializes in child psychology – she attended a course titled ‘To Respect and to Be Respected.’

She is a mother of a small girl. In the last two years, she worked in private nursery and kindergarten.

Thanks to her intensive study of English language and her wide experience in leading an English class for small children, she can help children in kindergarten with learning English.

She continues to study and perfect her skills. Her pedagogical methods guide children towards a sense of discipline, respect and self-restraint while catering to all their needs.

We all take great pleasure in our everyday work in nursery and kindergarten.