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The private kindergarten Beranek represents a natural follow-up to the nearby nursery. The pleasant environment of our kindergarten is conducive to your child’s development. Our kindergarten represents a place where your child feels satisfied, secure and happy. We guide children in kindergarten towards self-reliance and independence, teaching them notions of mutual respect, collaboration and help. All tuition in our kindergarten is carried out via game.

Our key objectives at the kindergarten

We try to implement an individual approach while fostering healthy development of child’s personality. Out teaching methods are in compliance with pedagogical guidelines of the Czech Ministry of Education with regard to modern trends and motions within the pre-school education of children in kindergartens.

In kindergarten, we guide children towards attaining essential habits, knowledge and skills. We focus on an all-round development of children, with stress being laid on physical activity and attaining healthy lifestyle. All the activities correspond to the age and stage of mental development of every child and represent a well-balanced blend of deliberate and spontaneous learning. All educational process in our kindergarten encourages children to experience and understand the world around them and instils desire in them to explore, create new things, respond to arising situation, solve problems, communicate interactively with the others and gain new experience based on their abilities and interests

Key areas we focus on at the kindergarten

We place great emphasis on individual approach to each child, integrated learning and respect of other individuals’ personalities. We try to uphold traditions, teach children healthy dietary habits and sensitive attitude to nature we all love. We offer high-quality standard as well as wide arrange of above-standard care for all children in our kindergarten, including leisure time activities, sporting and cultural events as well as regular meetings with parents

The kindergarten management is very particular about the selection of teaching staff, their education, practice and additional training. Apart from the training courses, all our teaching personnel have to undergo regular first-aid trainings. The health and safety of our children is a priority for us. Should you be interested, we can arrange an individual babysitting in Brno or surrounding area


  • Convenient location of the kindergarten close to Brno city centre, with good transport accessibility
  • Preferred admission for those children who attended Beranek nursery
  • Entertaining educational programme
  • Sensory skill development and vocabulary acquisition
  • Preparation of children for elementary school
  • Upholding regular daily routine
  • Guiding children towards self-reliance