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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the time you have given to our children. Please find attached a short review of the kindergarten. Feel free to publish it in your information brochure or upload it on your website. Should any of the parents feel hesitant about putting their children in your kindergarten I am more than happy to get in touch with them and provide them with my own personal feedback.

My son attended the Beranek kindergarten for two years (from two to four years of age). Later our younger daughter occasionally joined in too. Above all, I have nothing but words of praise for all the childcare workers’ attitude to children – my son refused to be transferred to state school, saying how much ‘he wants to stay at Beranek because he loves very much all the good aunties there’. All the childcare workers, while being very kind to children, do not excessively spoil them. Instead, they try very hard to devote maximum of their time to children’s needs and greatly care for their mental development. What is more, all the teaching staff at kindergarten are equally attentive and understanding in their dealing with parents, trying to comply with all their individual needs. Another big asset of the kindergarten is a large adjacent garden equipped with trampoline, swings, swimming pool and many more attractions, that children may enjoy in an easily accessible place nearby Luzanky park.

Best regards,

Silvie Seborova


Subject: personal references and great impression of the Beranek agency

My son Philip has been attending the Beranek kindergarten since he was a year and a half. Although he attended the kindergarten infrequently – only one or two days a week I still cannot praise enough the environment, ‘aunties’ working in the school and general approach of Mrs Beranek.

All my needs or wishes were always complied with and my son loved the place very much. The fact that we was able to attend this kindergarten greatly facilitated his integration into the group of other children and I am confident that his upcoming transfer to a state kindergarten – aged three – will not present any significant problem. His speedy socialisation process and progress in mental development he has since made are self-evident.

I was also thrilled with all the thematic events organised for children, such as visits to theatre, Saint Nicolas or Christmas parties, Mother’s day celebration etc.

The Beranek kindergarten offers its children almost home-like environment, making it an ideal substitute for home.

I can recommend Beranek agency to any mothers, who are particular and selective about where and how their children spend their free time.

Jana Grossova M.A.


Dear parents,

I would like write a few lines about a mini-kindergarten my daughter Vicki has been attending for the second year running. Last autumn, an opportunity presented itself to me to continue my university studies. My daughter was almost two years old at the time and was in desperate need of other children’s company. Afternoon trips to park were no longer enough and hard as I tried, I could not be an adequate ‘partner in crime’ for my daughter’s mischievous schemes and games. This realisation coupled with my desire for self-realisation in other area than merely kitchen or children’s corner led me to seek a suitable kindergarten for my daughter. I received no references, had only a limited knowledge of Brno from my studies and so I decided to google the right school. The Beranek agency always came up on top of all entries for ‘good-quality kindergarten’ or ‘private nursery’. Therefore, my husband and I decided not to waste any more time, arranged an appointment with the school management and paid the school a personal visit along with our daughter.

I must say we were utterly amazed at the warm reception we and Vicki received and we also had such a positive vibe of the school that we immediately knew that should we make a definite choice to put Vicki in kindergarten at all, this was going to be the one. In particular, I would like to point out a very positive approach of the whole school in its dealing with parents. There was no problem whatsoever to arrange an individual customised programme for my daughter. On some days, I would only bring my daughter for the afternoon class.

Daily programme for children is very diverse as they have a different leisure-time activity every day. The amount of drawings at home keep piling up while new poems and songs are being performed in front of all the family. It is heart-warming to see our little Vicki teach grandpa some English. I find myself staggered at the rate of her progress and accomplishments. During a ride in a car, little Vicki shouts at me ‘STOP’ when she sees red at the lights and ‘GO’ when the red changes to green.

Vicki is a very sociable and lively child but she needs a little time to get used to a company of new children. All the teachers at kindergarten are very friendly and patient and they have become genuine ‘aunties’ for our Vicki. She loves going to school and she has found some new friends there she keeps talking about at home. I must say it makes me feel almost sad at times, seeing how much she likes it there, but on the other hand what better recommendation for any school there can be, when your child upon your arrival to school tells you to ‘hang on a second, as she is busy finishing off some activity’. What else can you conclude about a school when your child informs you ‘she is going to sleep over at school tomorrow,’ asking you to tell ‘auntie’ about it?

Vicki will turn three in November. Our plans to put her in a state school fell through. Had we managed to find one, we would have faced a serious dilemma, as money is an important factor to us. However, we greatly care for the satisfaction of our child and we could hardly hope to find the same high-quality school with such friendly and highly competent teaching staff as Beranek Agency

Best Regards

Eliška Kolmanová


Dear parents,

My three-year-old daughter has been attending this mini-kindergarten for more than a year and we are both very happy. Children in this school are given maximum individual care to suit their needs. My daughter cannot wait to go to kindergarten every morning and many times in the past she was even reluctant to go back home with me in the afternoon. If you want to give your child a top-quality care at reasonable price, I can only recommend that you choose Beranek Agency

Lenka Šnajdrová


We have been in contact with the Beranek Agency ever since its foundation – when we started using their babysitting services. Even then, we were very pleased not only with the professional level of high-quality services delivered by visiting ‘aunties’ but also with very friendly and positive attitude of the agency management. After the birth of our third child, we opted for Beranek Agency as an obvious choice when looking for an ideal nursery for our son. Not surprisingly, our choice paid off. Dominik started attending the nursery shortly after his second birthday and quickly adapted to new environment, ‘aunties’ and other children. He got used to regular daily routine rather smoothly, largely thanks to the fact that the daily programme has been put together with some care and consideration for both children’s and parents’ needs. We highly appreciate the feedback we are getting from ‘aunties,’ as we learn every day what, if any, problems were encountered but above all we get regular update about Dominik’s achievements, his diet, what activities we was involved in, what new skills he learned etc. ‘Aunties’ at nursery were very helpful in teaching Dominik how to use potty. Not even gradual changes in time spent at nursery presented any problem. Now, three months later, Dominik attends nursery every day and on most days, he stays until the afternoon. When we come to collect him, he is always cheerful and full of new impressions. His happy face and overall satisfaction is the best possible confirmation that our choice to cooperate with Beranek Agency was a right one. We can only recommend it!

Jakub and Pavlína Zelníček, son Dominik, 2 a 1/4 years of age, Brno, Černá Pole


Adam’s big improvements

Dear parents, I would like to share with you my experience with Beranek Agency

At first, my husband and I decided to make use of the agency’s babysitting services in our home environment. Our son was only four months old then. Having overcome our initial distrust of leaving our child in the hands of a stranger, we used those moments of spare time to devote some time to cultural activities and ourselves. Mrs. Beranek managed to find a very nice babysitting ‘auntie’ to look after our son while we were away. This allowed us to enjoy ourselves carefree, knowing that our son was in good hands.

Later, Mrs Beranek suggested a brilliant idea that we could put Adam in the nursery, if only for one day a week. Now, we are considering extending Adam’s stay in nursery to several days a week. We can see a big progress in Adam – his improved speech but also other skills such as brushing his teeth, getting dressed, eating alone etc. With the helping hand of ‘aunties’ we managed a smooth transition to potty as well.

I must praise all the ‘aunties’ in nursery school for not interfering with children’s home habits. We still bring our sleeping cuties with us.

I recommended this nursery to several of my friends and all of them were as satisfied with the services of Beranek Agency as me.

I wish all of your children to be as happy in Beranek nursery as our son

Jana Hillova , Adam 2 and 3/4 years of age


Dear Mrs Beranek,

I would like to thank you for arranging babysitting on 2.10. 2013. Ms Zuzana Siroka is a very lovely and smart girl and our little son was very happy with her. The whole babysitting was fantastic.

Have a nice day

Marta Kostelecka, M.A.


Dear Gabriela,

I have promised to get back to you with a farewell email a soon I settle down a bit in Prague.

We would like to thank you for everything! Our daughter Marta had a very nice time in your kindergarten! The atmosphere there is very friendly and warm … like at home! The team of Agentura Beránek is very kind and attentive to kids!

Marta was always willing to go to the kindergarten. The program for children has been diverse, aimed at development of memory, imagination, speaking habits etc. The premises of the kindergarten were always clean, cozy and children-friendly. The garden is another big attraction where a child was always eager to stay.

We wish all the best for your family and families of all your colleagues!

You are running a great kindergarten! Good luck with it!

With best wishes,

Yulia, Alexey and Marta


Good morning,

I bring my son Tobias with me to Fit4all gym and leave him in playroom in the hands of Barbara. I would like to highly praise Barbara’s work with children

Little Tobias eagerly anticipates every visit to the playroom, looking forward to Barbara (not the toys) very much. Thanks to Barbara I can fully concentrate on my exercise carefree

Barbara is incredibly nice and kind and I would like to take this opportunity to praise her and bring her hard work and terrific approach to children to your attention. I firmly believe that you care for every member of your babysitting staff but I would still like to stress that Barbara’s approach to children is second to none.

Wishing you a nice day

Eliska and Tobias