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Summer Camp


Every year during summer and spring holidays, we organise suburban children camps.

Suburban summer camps are intended to appeal to both small children as well as older school-age children.

You can find all the relevant information about the themes and activities planned for the specific summer camp on our website in the ‘upcoming events’ section approximately one month in advance.

Our suburban summer camps are organised in the spirit of our work in nursery and kindergarten. To find out more about what we do you can visit the ‘nursery’ and ‘kindergarten’ section on our website.

The upcoming suburban camp will take place during summer holiday from 29.6. to 31.8. 2015. The suburban camp costs 2000 Czech crowns per week, including all meals. Every other sibling will be eligible to 10 per cent discount.

To find out more information you can also contact the nursery and kindergarten management, using the contact information available on our website


Upcoming themed events – Suburban


children’s camp


29.6. - 03.7.        FROM ONE FAIRY TALE TO ANOTHER

07.7. - 10.7.        BOREK THE BUILDER


20.7. - 24.7.        RACE CARS

27.7. – 31.7.        PIRATES AND TREASURE HUNT

03.8. - 07.8.        KEEP FIT EXERCISE

10.8. - 14.8.        INDIAN SUMMER

17.8. - 21.8.        KNIGHTS AND PRINCESSES

24.8. - 28.8.        WATER GAMES


We look forward to seeing You and Your children in summer on the premises of our nursery and kindergarten J